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Chretien or Pumpkin?

Prime Minister of Canada Resembles a Gourd!

This website is not meant to offend anyone or any vegetable. This page was not constructed out of malice, nor is it in any way connected with any political party. It comes out of a sincere belief that Canada's Prime Minister looks remarkably like a pumpkin. Check out the pictures on the following pages and see for yourself.

L'intention de ce website n'est pas d'offenser les personnes ou les legumes. Cette page n'a pas ete concue avec mechancete. Nous ne sommes affilies a aucun parti politique. Mais nous croyons sincerement que notre cher Premier Ministre resemble a une citrouille. Voyez les photos aux pages suivantes et decidez vous-memes.

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Which of the following items does Ontario Premier Mike Harris most closely resemble?


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This site is in no way affiliated with the Liberal Party of Canada.

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